Our multi-layer security systems offer a very high degree of protection. Different technologies and security systems protect the services and information hosted in the cloud.


Our cloud datacenters are protected by an advanced perimeter firewall that only allows access to authorized traffic and users.
Also, every node and server is equipped with a dedicated firewall.

active protection

Every server in the cloud is protected by an intrusion protection system against a wide range of threats. We also count on a wide range of active security measures such as the real-time blocking of suspicious users and connections.

data encryption

All critical communications between server nodes in the cloud are encrypted. In order to avoid eavesdropping or interception, all connections between external users and cloud services are encrypted too.

Two-Factor authentication

The use of a user name and a password is no longer enough to guarantee security. Our data centers support the use of two-factor authentication. For example, users can log on using a one-time code generated by a security app installed in his/her cell phone. Also, it is possible to block user access based in geolocation.

email security

Email messages travel through the Internet in clear text. They are regularly copied by the governmental agencies of most countries. In order to avoid eavesdropping, it is possible to use third party encryption services, so that email recipients access the email contents in a secure and encrypted manner.

The Swiss factor

Switzerland has very strict data protection and privacy laws (DPA&DPO Federal Ordinances). Our cloud datacenters are physically hosted with Swiss providers, thus protecting them from governmental interferences and hostile organizations.