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Management Services

We take care of all aspects related to the Datacenter

A cloud infrastructure may be conceptually simple, but on a practical level its management can become complex. The fact that all management is done remotely does not remove the technical complexities of the different virtualization technologies that take part. Our services are the link that enable companies to use the cloud in an easy and economical manner.

Provider Relationship

We manage the relationship with the cloud service provider, from the initial opening of the account to the configuration of all resources and services. We handle all incidents and we inform the customer about any changes affecting the service.

Daily Tasks

We free our customers from having to carry out the daily maintenance tasks of the infrastructure. We perform task such as email address creating, changes in user accounts or performing daily backups.

Proactive attention

We monitor all customer system so that we can anticipate problems or the need to perform changes in the infrastructure. We continuously size the resources to guarantee an optimum performance and to avoid unnecessary spending.

Policies and Procedures

We implement our customers' IT policies and procedures, and backup plans. In case they are not complete or do not exist, we help our customer formulate them so that they are efficient and adequate for a cloud infrastructure.

Change Management

We rapidly adapt cloud systems and services to company changes. We immediately resize resources such as servers and storage as required by the customer, for example when the user base increases or decreases.