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Our Data Centers

Cloud Data Centers

A cloud data center replaces one or more server rooms. It avoids having to purchase and maintain costly server and network equipment, and it allows companies to better focus resources on their businesses. The cloud provider guarantees that the infrastructure runs continuously 24x7. In general, most customers could never afford an infrastructure similar to the one that the cloud provider has if they had to acquire it themselves.

Design and Deployment

Cosmmac designs data centers hosted in cloud providers in Switzerland. Our infrastructure replaces traditional server rooms. We migrate all your data and services to your own cloud and we make them accessible to your users through the Internet.

Security and Privacy

We raise the security level of your information through the deployment of advanced multi-layer protection systems. Physically storing the data in Switzerland keeps the information safe from the preying eyes of governmental agencies and institutions.

Applications and Services

We can deploy all kinds of programs and applications. From email servers and messaging platforms, to database servers and corporate applications. It is easy to adapt cloud resources to the requirements of every application.

Budget Control

In the cloud you only pay for actual resources being consumed or utilized. It is always possible to increase or decrease the number and size of servers, allocated storage and software licences. This way you can adjust the cloud infrastructure to actual company needs.

Superior Infrastructure

Our cloud providers invest in the latest technology and equipment. This technological and continual upgrade means that most companies would never be able to afford such infrastructure if they had to purchase the equivalent themselves.