Smart Access

Cloud-based data centers offer a very simple and centralized management of all corporate information. It opens up new ways to work and new ways to organize the workplace.


  • Users can work from any place in the world. The only requirement is to have Internet access.
  • Ideal for home and travelling users.
  • Eliminates the need to keep data and confidential information in local devices.
  • Multi-Platform Support:

  • Ability to work using devices running different operating systems: Windows, OSX (Apple), Linux, etc.
  • Support for different devices: Computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Support for a wide array of remote access technologies: Web clients, thin clients, VPNs, remote desktops, etc.
  • Remote Desktops:

  • Ability to work using a local device as well as a virtual remote desktop.
  • Easy provisioning of new users and simple deployment of programs to the user base.
  • Allows the standardized deployment of application to the same group of users.
  • Users do not need powerful computers to work because the data processing is done in the data center.
  • Important savings in technical assistance and help desk costs.
  • Software updates can be deployed very easily.
  • For most users, a remote desktop will always be faster than the local desktop or device.
  • Thin client support.